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S.A.F.E. is dedicated to providing no-cost financial education as a public service. Services are free, diverse, and holistic in nature. We recognize that although the basic concepts of finances remain stationary, the needs of individuals are ever changing. Our programs and services are aimed at three target audiences:

Ages 15-25 – Typically, this group is in school, recently graduated, or entering the workforce for the first time. It is fundamentally important that they understand basic financial literacy, budgeting, interest rates as they are applied to credit cards and student loans, and how to complete all that “first-job” financial paperwork.
Ages 25-55 – While this group should have the same understanding of finances as the previous group, it is also important that they start thinking about investments and retirement.
Ages 55-plus – The financial awareness of this group should include information obtained in previous groups, and if they haven’t yet started saving for retirement, the time is now, and the need for education is even greater. In addition, it’s time to start talking about social security and life after work.

Available Programs

Classes – Offered through schools and local or regional continuing education programs.
Workshops – Conducted independently or in association with other local not-for-profit groups or organizations.
Employee Training – Provided at the request of local businesses and corporations.
Guest Speaking – Provided at the request of clubs, groups, and organizations.
Online Education

Topics Covered

Budgeting and saving
Credit and debt
Employment and income
Risk and insurance
Financial decision making and student programs


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